Sunday, May 30, 2010

Makeup Artist =/= Hair Stylist

Every time someone approaches me to do makeup for a shoot they always ask me Do you do hair as well?", my answer to them is no. It gets on my nerves that they think that all makeup artists are hair stylists as well.

I've seen many people that say they are both makeup artists and hair stylists but what never seems to fail is that they're better at one of the 2 instead of being equally great at both. Some photographers have told me that I'd get more jobs if I knew how to do hair, they're probably right but the problem with that is, I hate dealing with hair. I deal with my own and only because it's attached to my head. Otherwise someone else would do it for me.

I know of many makeup artists that have made it big time without ever touching a curling iron. Did they have to work harder at it? YES. But you know what? Their amazing work got them where they are right now.

Here's my way of explaining the whole "makeup artist & hair stylist"situation:
Do you expect a dentist to be an ophthalmologist? No, right? Then don't expect a makeup artist to be a hair stylist.

(Rant over, thanks for reading! haha)

- Carolina =)


  1. Bravo!!!! Sooooo agreed! I hate getting asked that (especially when I have it posted clearly on my page, in all caps, that I don't do hair!)

  2. Oh I know... It's extremely irritating. Makeup Artist and Hair Stylists are specialists and should be treated as so. I find this is worse on the east coast than the west too. I've seen people that can "do both" not realllly do both well. They should be respected as a separate art forms. I 100% agree. :)