Sunday, May 30, 2010

Makeup for Stephanie

Today I did Stephanie's makeup, she wanted a simple, natural yet sultry look. She will be submitting these pictures for a chance to be the face of the Puerto Rican magazine IMAGEN. I could only take one picture of her and it was a blurry one but at least you get the idea of it.

I had to do her hair. As some of you know, I do not do hair (I only work on my own). It was hard for 2 reasons: she's got dead/straight hair which means it's merely impossible for it to hold curls for long & it's also been raining here for 2 days and the humidity in the air is insane so no matter what I did the curls just fell haha!


  1. To be honest, I love the hair. It's a perfect summer time look. Kind of beachy touseled look. Bravo! :)

  2. Thank you very much! Truly, this was my first time doing anyone's hair apart from my own haha so really, THANK YOU!