Thursday, June 17, 2010

Busy day! Photo Shoot & Vans Fashion Show

Today was a busy day, as the title says. First of all, today I had a photo shoot with a model named Giovanna. She is going to be participating in the Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2011 pageant. This girl is so gorgeous and so humble. I did pretty natural makeup on her, kept it warm with the browns and red tones.
Here's some behind the scenes pics

(We shot at an abandoned warehouse, so many great locations)

The gorgeous Giovanna in her 3rd wardrobe change
Closeup of her makeup =)

Later that day I went to do makeup for a Vans Fashion show where they were showing off their Fall 2010 collection. I was asked to do clean face makeup, natural lips and to have the concentration on the eyes, so what I did was a sort of "pin-up" eye but instead of thick, black liner I used bright colors: yellow, teal, blue, purple and neon pink.

(Had to set up in the bathroom. You must go where the lighting is best and most of the time, that place is the bathroom haha)

I got there and there was only one model there, a gorgeous Indian girl. She had silky smooth skin.I did a bright yellow liner on her, against her skin tone it looked GORGEOUS! After I finished with her I had lots of time to kill so I cleaned my brushes while waiting. They arrived around 2 hours later and it was time to get it MOVING! I was rushed to do their makeup but really, thank God I had tape with me or I wouldn't have been able to do the liners right on time haha! (Tape is your best friend to get your liner PERFECTLY).

(The clothes rack in the hotel room before the show)

After the girls were ready they went to the dressing area which was in a dark room inside a place that looked like a church. Not gonna lie, it was kind of creepy.

(The stylist and coordinator of the show, Natalia Collazo. LOVE her!!)

(Right before the show started)

The show went on smoothly although backstage it was crazy! There was 9 models all with 3 changes of clothes and the changes involved shoes, accessories, pants, tights, hats. Seriously, clothes flying everywhere, everyone trying to get dressed as quickly as possible, it was just insane haha!!
All in all I loved the show, because it was very "Vans" the way they did it. Their slogan was "Come as you are" and that's how show was, cool, smooth, nothing serious, just FUN! I got to take home with me a pair of vans and some Electric sunglasses. Pretty cool, huh? haha!

I got a little video of the ending of the show, here it is:

I wasn't able to get pictures of the girls after I'd done their makeup but as soon as they upload pictures from the show I'll post them here =D


  1. Funny you mentioned the eyeliner and tape thing. I always wondered how makeup artists could possible get the eye liner perfect in so little time. Can't wait to see the makeup pictures and thanks for getting the video footage, looked like so much fun!

  2. Haha yes! That's how I do it at least. If I've got time I do it myself but I was in such a rush that I HAD to use tape lol.

    I can't wait to see the pictures, the girls loved their liners, especially the neon pink one haha! =P