Sunday, June 27, 2010

Eye of the Day: Zebra Liner

It had been a while since I had any inspiration whatsoever when it came to makeup, but last night out of nowhere my muse came back!

I had the idea to do a really thick black line and then do tons of tiny silver lines, but then this happened.
What happened here was I ran that first line on the upper lid, the black one, and I accidentally ran it up higher than I wanted and a white space was left between my lashes and the liner. I thought "Why not do several lines? It's kind of what I was going for anyway!"

I was only going to do the upper lash line but of course, it's me we're talking about. I can always do more and more to my makeup haha! So I did the same thing in the bottom lash line and extended the ends a bit. I like this look, very editorial in my opinion. This would look great on someone with blue/grey/green eyes!

Hope you like this!

- Carolina

1 comment:

  1. Um yes...see...I knew this would be awesome. And I'm going to try it! You know I <3 zebra.