Friday, June 25, 2010

Pictures from the VANS Fashion Show

They posted some pictures of the fashion show and I grabbed the ones where you could kind of see the models' makeup. Since this was a fashion shoe for shoes the pictures were taken from a low angle to showcase the VANS. At least in some pictures you can see the makeup.


On the left she has a Purple liner from Wet N Wild and the redhead next to her has neon pink liner (I used "High Definition Loose Paint in "Fake B*tch" from B*tchslap Cosmetics.

(The girl with neon pink liner.)

I used a yellow liner and on top I put some Sun Yellow from Ben Nye on top to make it pop more. Against her cocoa skin it looked so beautiful.

She had teal liner, from Wet N Wild as well.

The organizers of the fashion show.

Some of the crowd outside.

I hope you guys liked this. If I find any more pictures that show the makeup in a better light I shall post them again =D

- Carolina

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