Thursday, July 1, 2010

Photo Shoot: Karla Alegria

Today I had a photo shoot with a girl named Karla Alegria, she is a Merengue singer. She's got some LUNGS on her, what a great voice!! She's so funny and sweet too!

I was actually talking now to her assistant and he told that she said she loved the makeup so much she wasn't going to wash her face till tomorrow, that she was going to be sleeping in her makeup! lol I told him to tell her that she has to wash her face, we don't want her gorgeous skin to start developing acne because of an unclean face!
Her assistant has the pictures from the shoot already, without any editing of course! So I'm gonna post a few here! Hope you like it!

(Rain + Humidity = FRIZZ in my hair haha!)

And here's a little clip of the shoot today:

As you can see in the video I was caught off guard when the photographer started taking pictures while I was retouching Karla's makeup haha!!!

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