Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Makeup for Bacanal Magazine Cover

While I was doing the shoot for the ICON cover, a friend photographer told me he had an idea for a shoot. It was a gory, dark, bloody shoot. I was excited because it'd been a while since I'd played with theatrical makeup, scars, blood and fun stuff like that.

He told me he wanted 5 different scenes but the makeup had to be gore-tastic! We arrived at his house and shortly after that I started working. It looks really simple and easy but it actually takes time to do this kind of makeup. I started by making the bruises in her face, neck, shoulders and back. Then I started the big cut on her shoulder with some spirit gum and scar wax, after I molded it in, I colored it and added fake blood that tastes like mint, after that a few touches of gore here and there and I was done.

We were going to shoot in this little creek under a bridge and that would have been fine had it not been raining that day. First of all, since it's a creek the soil around it is soggy, add to that rain and you've got mud. Second, the place was full of bamboos, most were still standing but also a lot had fallen down and made it almost impossible for us to get through them, it was all very "Mission Impossible". I was wearing my trusty Vans which I love but were the wrong shoes for this shoot, their rubber bottom made me slip like crazy so while the photographer the model and her boyfriend took the pictures at the creek I stayed behind safe and sound. Hey, I don't have a health plan, I'm already accident prone I don't want to tempt fate ya know?

(If you get scared easily don't look at these pictures)

(Last chance....)

The guy with the model is her boyfriend so don't worry he was gentle =)

The shoot went on smoothly, nobody had real scrapes, just the fake ones I created. When we got back to the house we had to hose down the model before she went into the house because apart from all the blood and makeup she had mud and grass all over her, poor thing!

Here's a few snippets of some videos I took during the shoot.

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