Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Makeup for ICON Magazine Cover

I was SO excited when I got the call to do makeup for this magazine and I was ecstatic when the stylist told me it would be for the cover as well!

ICON Magazine is a new, up and coming magazine in Puerto Rico and it's been getting a lot of positive buzz here. I've seen the magazine a couple of times and I love it, so the fact that I'm now a part of it is pretty amazing! The awesome stylist Natalia Collazo got me this job, we've worked many times over the past few months and we always have so much fun!

The day of the shoot I arrived with my best friend at hand, she was gracious enough to help me out (cleaning brushes, handing me things). We did the shoot at this place called "La Respuesta" (The Answer). It's this really cool loft that serves as a bar/club and the decoration is really random, there's some Bob Marley here, a little Day of the Dead over there. I loved it all. I'm very random myself and prefer decoration to be eclectic and that's what that place was.

The look that Natalia and the photographer wanted was very defined eyes, big lashes and soft skin. The model was this stunning little petite girl. She had great features: high cheekbones, full lips, defined eyes, great eyebrows; she looked like a doll!

I saw that the photographer was using a flash that used a lot of light, so much so that it washed out colors and lines so when I was done doing the model's makeup I asked him to please take a picture of her so we could see just how much it washed her out. Even though I did sort of a dramatic contour on her face the flash still washed her out so I went back, re-contoured and the shoot went on without a hitch.

(See the huge flash!)

There was about 5 changes in clothes and makeup-wise all that I changed was the lip color. We went from a natural/nude lip to purple lips.

What I was most excited about was the photographer said that he kinda felt like doing a beauty shot. He said he'd never done one in his magazine (he's the owner and photographer) but with this shoot he wanted to do it. I felt so honored that the combination of the model and my makeup work inspired him to do his first beauty shot!

(This is a picture I took of the screen on the photographer's camera. She looks so beautiful!)

(The stylist looks on as the photographer and the model work it!)

As soon as I get the pictures from the magazine I'll post them up.

Thanks for reading!

- Carolina

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