Monday, July 26, 2010

Makeup for Music Video: Yomo

Last Tuesday I did makeup for Yomo's new music video called "Soledad y Confusión". My call was at 12:00pm. When I arrived there most of the crew was there, they set up everything in 2 beach houses: there was the one where we shot everything and one where there were 2 rooms which were used for wardrobe and makeup separately.

When Yomo arrived he was promptly moved into the wardrobe room and he then came into my room, the makeup room. They wanted him to look clean and fresh. Being that he's a man I didn't use too much makeup, just enough so that he looked how the director wanted him to. The concept was there were 2 sides to Yomo: the singer and the man. So the singer was supposed to be dark and sinister, the man was supposed to be simple and tranquil. So when he was supposed to look wicked we let him sweat (it was really hot in the house and no fans anywhere) and I put a little bit of purple under his eyes to make him look tired. For the other look I kept him clean and powdered.

The shoot lasted around 15 hours, we wrapped at 3:00am. I was very tired by the end of the day but I had so much fun! Here are some of the pictures I took backstage!

My makeup setup. On the left normal makeup. On the little plastic box special fx makeup: bruise palette, scar wax, fake blood, etc (All of which in the end I didn't use).

The truck filled with lights, rigs, and such

Setting up the green screen

People from a TV show came to record some of the backstage things.

Thanks for reading!

- Carolina

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