Monday, July 19, 2010

Shoot with Plus Size Models Coming Soon...

I've always wanted to do a shoot with real plus size models but I'd never been able to find plus size girls that looked like models. Sure, there's many that claim to be models but at the end of the day you know who's a real model and who just thinks she is.

I work at a store that sells plus size clothing for girls and I see many beautiful women coming in and out daily. I spoke with the wardrobe stylist that I've been working on in my last few shoots and she told me she was IN for the plus size shoot and that she had been wanting to do the same thing too but couldn't find the models as well! So in working where I work I've taken the liberty to talk to a few of the girls at the store and they also told me that they wanted to do shoots but couldn't find photographers. I was really surprised! It was all a great act of serendipity!

The girls are gorgeous, confident and plus size! I cannot wait for this to happen! =D

- Carolina


  1. awesome! This seems great. I'm a plus size girl myself and it's hard to get some representation in the form of awesome pics with awesome styling. I do hope you'll share some pics with us when it happens :)

  2. that should be cool! my best friend is a plus model who just had a great article on Madison Plus:

  3. Wow your friend is gorgeous! We want to do something editorial, to prove that big girls can be just as fierce as the skinny girls ;)