Friday, August 27, 2010

EOTD: Colorful Cut Crease

When I went in to hand my resume at a makeup store a friend who worked there told me "honey BEAT THAT FACE! Make them remember you."

So this is what I did:

I had no idea where I was going with this. I just knew I wanted to use MAC's Aqua eyeshadow, it's my new favorite. Then I went in with Lime in the middle of the lid and Sassy Green, both from their "Dare To Wear" collection; the only collection that's ever made me want to get it ALL.

Here's a breakdown of what I used:

1. Aqua (MAC)
2. Lime (MAC)
3. Sassy Green (MAC)
4. Plumage (MAC)
5. Fertile (MAC)
6. Pink Pearl (MAC)
7. Sushi Flower (MAC)
8. Cream Soda (Lumiere Cosmetics)
9. Sun Yellow (Ben Nye)
10. Azalea (Ben Nye)
11. Reflects Blue Glitter (MAC) over white eyeliner
12. (Although it's not numbered) Carbon by MAC

Hope you liked this!

- Carolina

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  1. this is so gorgeous i love it mami u got skills!