Tuesday, September 14, 2010

EOTD: Purple Glitter "Pin-up"

Yesterday I went in for a second interview at a makeup store and I knew I had to do something to stand out so I decided to do pin-up eye makeup but with a dramatic, modern twist. I kept the colors in the browns and purples. My favorite thing to do when it comes to eye makeup is use all matte eyeshadows and then on the lower inner corner use a shimmering contrasting eyeshadow to make the look POP! (so to speak)

I posted the full face picture on Twitter first and it was all good and dandy. That was until I posted the close-up pictures and everyone started asking what I used. But since Twitter only allows 140 characters I thought I'd "blog" all about the eye makeup.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Matte Mag Photo Shoot #2

Remember when I said I did makeup on 2 girls for Matte Mag? Well here's the second one. It's all about ruffles.

For the makeup the stylist wanted me to do Lady Gaga's makeup from her Vanity Fair cover shoot. I wish the model had the same eye shape, but she had smaller eyes.

(I took this picture with my phone so sorry for the quality)

Makeup for Miramelinda Jewelry Fashion Show

I was approached to do makeup for this show by a model who's makeup I've done on numerous occasions. She gave the designer my number and it was all done from there.

The show was at this expo for local artists, some were doing graffiti, some were doing oil paintings, others hand made vases and Paola had her jewelry. I was really impressed by the fact that she only started making jewelry in April and already she had her own fashion show, granted it was at a small venue but that's pretty impressive for someone who hasn't even been a year in the business.