Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Makeup for Miramelinda Jewelry Fashion Show

I was approached to do makeup for this show by a model who's makeup I've done on numerous occasions. She gave the designer my number and it was all done from there.

The show was at this expo for local artists, some were doing graffiti, some were doing oil paintings, others hand made vases and Paola had her jewelry. I was really impressed by the fact that she only started making jewelry in April and already she had her own fashion show, granted it was at a small venue but that's pretty impressive for someone who hasn't even been a year in the business.

When I got there none of the models were there, but only a couple of minutes later 2 of them arrived. Paola told me she wanted dark makeup, something sultry because their clothing was going to be Saran wrap (yes, you read that correctly), so she wanted them to have focus on their faces and necklaces.

I started wondering what to do, because usually a designer tells me what they want to compliment their work. Here, I had free reign. I asked the models what they wanted and the first one said "I want what you have"; what I had done was my staple look, the look I go for when I don't know what to wear. This is it:

The only bad thing about this is, although it looks simple it's almost all matte eyeshadows and if there's one thing you should know about matte eyeshadows is although they are gorgeous, they are sometimes difficult to blend. So I had to take a little more time with the girls. Another bad thing was there was nowhere for me to setup but on the floor and I spent most of the night on my knees moving from side to side, I was sore by the end of the night to say the least.

After I finished their makeup the girls changed into the their underwear and went to get themselves wrapped in Saran wrap. There was no air conditioning there and no windows, the poor girls were sweating bullets and I was powdering away!

After all the powder and wrap the show went on, it was a very short show, there were only 4 models but it was still fun. Here are more pictures:

And these are the necklaces I got from the designer

Thanks for reading,

- Carolina

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