Monday, October 25, 2010

"Amazonia" : By Ecliptica

Once again I was doing makeup for the beautiful sisters that make up the fashion line Ecliptica.

This time was a little different, than before. Mainly because instead of having 15 models, there were 34. I have to admit I was a little scared at first because it is a large number of models and Javier (the head makeup artist) was racing against time trying to find other makeup artists to help at the show.

When we got there most of the models were already there, chatting around and getting their hair done. I was also relieved to see that there were at least 7 other makeup artists so we could divide the models up between us pretty easily. The good thing was that the makeup was essentially very simple: a nice clean face, lines around the eyes that looked like claw marks, pink lips and lots of mascara on the top lashes only. I'd spoken with Javier a few days before the show and he told me that he needed pastel colors for the lines/claw marks. I told him all about my Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ 30 Color Palette, that it was easy to use and the colors were divine. We ended up using colors from his Kryolan palette and colors from my Mehron palette, gotta love Theatrical makeup!

(Taken with my phone, sorry for the bad quality)

On the last show I had to do only the eyes on my models, they had their foundation done before-hand by other makeup artists but this time I did all the makeup from start to finish on all 4. I loved the makeup design because it went so well with the whole Amazon theme and also because it was really simple and easy to execute with so little time! My last model was one I'd worked many times before with. Actually the last time we had worked together we went to Sephora and she bought herself Josie Maran's Argan Oil. The first thing she said to me was "That oil is AMAZING! It's even made my makeup last longer" all I could say to her was "I told you so". As I was finishing her up Javier brought over a model and told me to change her lines, another makeup artist had done her lines but Javier wasn't entirely happy with them, he did this 2 times. After that we had some down time and we just chatted a bit and I retouched the makeup on another model who wasn't entirely happy with how her makeup had been done so I gladly helped her out.

She was stunned when I used a big fluffy brush to apply her concealer (Thank you Pixiwoo sisters) and even more stunned when over that I applied Make Up For Ever's HD powder and her skin felt baby smooth. As you can see on the second picture I also added a little pink on her wine-colored lines to give them a little oomph, she loved it all!

After all the nice down time, came the "hurry up!" time. While Javier was in charge of oiling up the girls' skin so they'd look nice and glowy in the pictures I was in charge of lipstick. I grabbed the small palette and when I turned around I had about 10 models surrounding me. I had to admit it was pretty funny seeing them all staring at me and the lipstick.

(Photo by Raquel Perez Puig)

The lips only had to have a wash of pink which was good because it meant I could do it fast. As I got done with the first lot more and more arrived, it's as if they had multiplied. Some of them were a bit shiny so I was alternating from lipstick to powder, to powder to lipstick. One of them had tan lines on her legs from washing the car in shorts so I had to (extremely) quickly bronze up her legs. After that all the remaining models were nice enough to form a single line to get their lips done. The shoes they had on were huge, one of them, with the shoes on was at least 6'5"!

(Photo by Raquel Perez Puig)

When it was time for them to strut the runway I gave them all one last look, checking if they needed any powder or lipstick. Mind you, about 30 of them had rough lips, they never exfoliate! I taught them all how to exfoliate the cheap easy way (olive oil and sugar) and told them that the next time we met I didn't want them to have coarse lips.

The show went on without a hitch, the girls looked fabulous in their amazing clothes. At the end of the show we all went backstage and started screaming and jumping, it was so much fun! Best part about it? None of the girls tripped!

Here's some pictures from the show.

(Javier working his magic!)

(This is the model that loved Josie Maran's Argan Oil)

Here's a quick video of the girls' last walk. Watch closely and you'll see that at a certain point they all walk in unison, it was fantastic!

Same as last time, I loved the show. I hope to continue working with them again and again!

Thanks for reading!

- Carolina


  1. carolina- you're amazing... and i'm sooooo honored to call you my friend! :)