Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Makeup for Erika Peña: MOYA Collection

For this shoot we went into this gorgeous reef in with a huge wall of rock, it was probably 20 feet high. Though we had to walk a bit it was worth it, the scenery was amazing and the perfect place to showcase Erika's new collection, MOYA. Inspired by rocks and nature.

The makeup I did was actually the one I had worn the previous day. The stylist once again said "Do the same look you had on yesterday". It was perfect because I only used a couple of colors and it went well with the earthy tones of the jewelry.

To give her that nice healthy glow the photographer gave me her personal body balm. It was Benefit's "take a picture, it lasts longer...". Now I'm not the type of girl that's going to cough up $28 for a shimmering body balm but I might just have to after this shoot. The balm went on like silk and the shimmer in it wasn't over-powering, it gave just the right glow. It was perfect! Benefit, here I come!

Here are the pictures, ENJOY!

Photography: Loose Studio
Styling: Christian Ramirez
Jewelry: Erika Peña

To view more of Erika's beautiful jewelry visit her website:

Thanks for reading!

- Carolina


  1. La piel de la chica looks so flawless! y los accesorios ni se digan, brutales ese par de pendientes!. Usaste Mac en ella?

  2. Oh btw, encontre este blog googleliando y me encantó que gusta saber que eres de aquí!!. Now Im following you on twitter, tus maquillajes están brutales, es increíble tu talento!!. Esto indiscutiblemente me da más ánimo para poder seguir adelante!. Saludos!!

  3. Tan bella, muchas gracias!!!

    Use Senna Cosmetics, me ENCANTAN!!! En realidad ella tiene una piel increible so maquillarla was a piece of cake! =P