Thursday, November 11, 2010

Makeup for Link Magazine: Behind the Scenes Video

So a photographer called me up and told me that needed me for this shoot he dreamt about. In it we were all in his studio, the model, the wardrobe stylist, the hair stylist and myself, in the dream the shoot featured the model in silver, with wires and tubes coming out of her. This all sounded awesome so I said "I'm in." without even thinking about it.

(This was a shoot for the cover of the magazine's first issue)

The model's hair took almost 4 hours! She has enough hair for an army!! Luckily the makeup was pretty simple, paint her silver!

Here's a behind the scenes video the Photographer made.

(The model is topless, so if you're uncomfortable with artistic nudity don't watch)


Thanks for reading!

- Carolina


  1. La modelo lucía espectacular aun con todo ese plateado por todo su cuerpo. Brillante!

  2. Es que ella es preciosa! Es la misma modelo del shoot anterior de Erika =)