Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Holidays! (EOTD)

This all started because I was about to throw away a pair of lashes when I thought "Why not just use them one last time? Throw some glitter in there!" So I used a light green gel glitter liner from NYX and covered them but I let them dry well enough before I touched them again.

The makeup itself was fairly simple, I didn't use many colors. First UDPP, then a red blush from Ben Nye as eyeshadow and a gold shimmery eyeshadow from Josie Maran Cosmetics as my highlight. After that, I put red gloss all over my lid and blended it so it wouldn't look so harsh. On top of that I put red glitter. On the waterline I used a yellow eyeliner and on the bottom lashes a liquid gold eyeliner. I filled in my brows with green eyeliner and then with a mixing medium I applied green glitter all over them. Here's the end result.

The lesson here? Before you throw away your lashes try giving them a look and make them go out with a bang!

Happy holidays and a Happy New Year.

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(I've wanted to update more often but my computer died about a month ago and I can't post anything on my blog through my phone so my posts will be limited until I get my computer back.)

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