Saturday, January 1, 2011

NOCTURNO Magazine Cover

It's now January 1, 2011 and I'm remembering things from 2010 like when I wrote on my bucket list I wanted to get the cover of a major magazine. Sure, I've done covers for ICON magazine but it's a new magazine, hence it's not a "major" one. So getting the cover for NOCTURNO magazine's December 2010/January 2011 issue is a big one for me, I can check that item off my list now!

A little about the shoot...

The shoot was mostly done to feature Don Q's new twists on classics, like a blue Cosmopolitan instead of a pink one. I was told that I could do almost anything makeup-wise because it was supposed to look colorful and dramatic.

Here are the pictures:
(Note: I paled out the model's face so it'd be easier for the photographer to completely white out her skin in post-production. I made it about 3 shades lighter.)

(Blue Cosmopolitan)

This was the first shot we did. I went a little over the top and did a cut crease with a curved lopsided liner on the bottom. Why? The stylist gave me creative freedom and I took it. I stayed within the colors of the Cosmo's new look. To represent the drink the stylist actually used 2 blue earrings and a glass cherry.

(The Mojito)

Well, what is there to say about a Mojito? It's green and refreshing. All I did here was basically a green smokey eye. Oddly enough this was the simplest of all the makeup looks yet it was the stylist's favorite.

(Cuba Libre, otherwise known as Rum and Coke)

When I think of Cuba Libre, I think of my dad and my grandfather because that's what they always drank. To me it symbolizes a classic. So, what makeup did I do for such a classic and iconic drink? Well the pinup look, of course. What's more classic and elegant than pinup makeup? Not much, in my humble opinion. To represent the drink they actually cut out long threads of a brown/red carpet and put it inside the glass.


I'm not quite sure what was the name of the drink that was supposed to be represented here but I know it was all about oranges. I wanted to go a little out there with this one and I did. Although you can't see it I actually made her eyelids look like orange rinds. I drew the little veins and for seeds I added glitter. It's too bad that both shots of her she's got hey eyes open. But then again, the photographer liked the makeup so much he took macro (close-up) of her eyes closed. I was ecstatic! To represent the drink the wrinkled up orange and yellow paper mache.

(The Don Q)

This was the last shot we did. We thought it would be the easiest one because we just had to represent the Don Q rum itself. Then we realized that the rum was clear. There's no color in it, no texture. Nothing. How was I supposed to represent something clear on her face? Let me tell you it wasn't easy at first. The stylist told me she wanted a futuristic look to her so what I did was paint her face white and set it loose silver eyeshadow to give her that glowing/vinyl look to her skin. The eyes I kept simple except for accentuating her crease a bit with black eyeshadow and 2 pairs of lashes (top and bottom). It's the lips that were the fun part. I drew a small, almost geisha-looking tiny mouth with black eyeliner and clear gloss. The gloss acted as a glue for the silver, chunky nail glitter I put on her lips. I asked her before-hand if she was okay with this and she said yes. The poor thing didn't realize though that she could not open her mouth at all after I had applied the glitter because it was not safe to swallow. Ah, the things we do for beauty!

And here is the actual cover

I was so excited when I saw this yet mortified at the same time! Why mortified? Because if you look closely on her left eye the inside of her lashes are unglued! Sure, to someone who doesn't know anything about makeup it looks just fine but to those of us that know a thing or 2, we notice it. When I saw the preview of the cover I thought "Why not use another picture? Why that one? Please Earth, just swallow me now!" I was hoping they would Photoshop it or something but no, they kept it as is. I can't do anything about it now, what's done is done. All I can do now is forget about the lashes and be grateful that I got the cover a major magazine, just like I've always wanted.

All in all, it was a great shoot where I had a lot of fun using a lot of colors. If there's a lesson to learn here is to always check your work. Try and learn something from my mistake. Mine cost me, but yours doesn't have to. Check your work! ;)

Thanks for reading,

- Carolina


  1. I'm so impressed with the makeup, of course, but also with the props they used for the drinks. So cool. And the lash isn't too noticeable, but I can imagine how you feel.

  2. The props were the coolest of all. They didn't want to use just the drink, they wanted to be different and it totally worked out! The lash *sigh*, what bothers me the most is that it's the cover not just some editorial on the inside of the magazine =(

  3. amazing work I love it!