Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ICON Magazine's Cover Feb/Mar 2011

Oh, this shoot was such an event! We were supposed to shoot on location at some beautiful gardens but this is Puerto Rico one day it's sunny, then it's raining like there's no tomorrow, the next it's sunny and then it's cloudy, it's just the way things work here. The days before the shoot had been perfectly sunny, but of course, the day of the shoot it got really cloudy, meaning the shoot had to be moved to indoors. We went to a studio near the salon where the model got her hair done and I started working on her there.

(Picture taken with my phone)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Makeup for Cultura Profetica's "Baja La Tension"

The day started at 10:00am. When I got there I set up my station and just waited for the band members and extras to start arriving. After about an hour the extras came in. Most of the people I did makeup on that day were men. I did makeup on 3 women: one of them played a babysitter which meant pretty basic "day" makeup, the next was a Cougar and her makeup was sultry and dark, the last one was the "prom queen" who's makeup had to be over-done and dramatic. For the Prom Queen I did a medium brown smokey eye and hot pink lips. The lipstick was provided by the Producer, Miss Natalia Collazo.