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ICON Magazine's Cover Feb/Mar 2011

Oh, this shoot was such an event! We were supposed to shoot on location at some beautiful gardens but this is Puerto Rico one day it's sunny, then it's raining like there's no tomorrow, the next it's sunny and then it's cloudy, it's just the way things work here. The days before the shoot had been perfectly sunny, but of course, the day of the shoot it got really cloudy, meaning the shoot had to be moved to indoors. We went to a studio near the salon where the model got her hair done and I started working on her there.

(Picture taken with my phone)

What I did not remember was that they were doing a behind the scenes video so I wasn't really dressed to impress because well, I was just going to work. While I did her makeup they filmed me and the stylist arranging the shoes, clothes, accessories, etc. While doing the first shot we noticed the blush wasn't visible at all in the picture. The flash was right in front of her and it washed the colors out completely so I went in and used more. This is where you see how different everyday makeup and photography makeup differentiate. I put a more blush only on her left cheek only because it was the one that was the most exposed to the flash, after this in the pictures both cheeks looked uniform.There were 8 looks in total, meaning a lot of running back and forth. Thankfully though the studio's a/c was pretty damn amazing.

The Cover

And Editorial

When I finished with the model, the photographer came up to me and said "How about we do the beauty shot too?" I was shocked. Let me explain why. For a while he'd told me he wanted to start doing beauty shots for the magazine, each featuring makeup looks that would go with whatever month/season was going on at that moment. That all sounded fun and dandy except when he told me he wanted to do that shot right then and there because the colors I had packed in my kit that day were somewhat neutral and we had talked about doing something colorful, just the way I liked it. I panicked a little but I made due with what I had. I literally winged it, I had no plan whatsoever as to what I was gonna do, I just started with one color, then the next, then the next and so on. I think for not having planned anything and not having all the colors I wanted I did a good job. It's not as colorful or dramatic as I would've hoped but like Tim Gunn says you have to "Make it work!" and I did. Go me!

(and here's a closeup with my phone)

For this shot I used the sample sized pigments from the MAC's Holiday Collection, the one that featured Bronze Reflects glitter. I used the glitter dry first then on top I used it wet so it would have a metal/chrome finish. I also used Aqua on the inner corner and Freshwater on the bottom. The one thing I did know I wanted was that I wanted her skin to look glowy and healthy so I used my favorite highlighter which is from Josie Maran Cosmetics. It's called the Argan All Over Face Palette in Sweet. I mixed the Ivory color in with the bronze for that healthy glow. It just looks perfect on camera.

Here's the behind the scenes video:

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