Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Makeup for Cultura Profetica's "Baja La Tension"

The day started at 10:00am. When I got there I set up my station and just waited for the band members and extras to start arriving. After about an hour the extras came in. Most of the people I did makeup on that day were men. I did makeup on 3 women: one of them played a babysitter which meant pretty basic "day" makeup, the next was a Cougar and her makeup was sultry and dark, the last one was the "prom queen" who's makeup had to be over-done and dramatic. For the Prom Queen I did a medium brown smokey eye and hot pink lips. The lipstick was provided by the Producer, Miss Natalia Collazo.

(Before and After)

(DISCLAIMER: The model did not have such dark circles, she had none at all. What you see is just eyeshadow fall-out. She was however very red. She'd been to the beach the day before without any sunblock. *tsk tsk*)

(Please excuse my messy hair!)

After that came the band members. Their makeup was as minimal as could be: a little concealer if and where needed, powder foundation to level out skin tones and that was about it. They are supposed to look like the men they are, as natural as possible and if they needed it to look a little better they got a little help from me.

Nanet before her scene.

After her scene, the Prom Queen released her tension by going crazy with a lipstick.

Towards the end of the day we moved on to another set. All this time I'd been able to handle everyone's makeup on my own but now the guys were in bicycles, fully clothed and with bright lights on them. I had my work cut out for me. Thankfully though I had called a friend of mine, who is probably the band's #1 fan, so she obviously came and helped me out. At first she was "awe-struck" and didn't even dare go near them. Since I was in a rush I told her to suck it up and help me. With a little hesitation from her we managed to re-touch all the guys' makeup.

(Here's the tricky and bright set-up)

The video shoot went on for around 12 hours, a very long day but so much fun. The premise of the video was that people were stuck in an elevator and after having such a hard time in there they went and did things that made them relieve their tension. As you'll see in the video they all have very different ways of relieving their tension.

Side Note: I was only there for 1 day of filming. I only did makeup on the scenes in the elevator and the bikes in the optical illusion set.


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- Carolina

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